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A mountain of marketing data but no information?

Do your Hubspot reports not hit the spot?  Is Marketo trapped in marketing? Are you still swimming in a sea of spreadsheets for sales?  Maybe it's time to look at the Goota Marketing Portal.

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Marketing Leads Tracker

Close the gap between Marketing and Sales

Gather, clean and enrich your marketing data. Deliver quality leads and automate feedback.

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Treat every lead with the care and respect that it deserves

If each lead here cost €200 to acquire, what does this image tell you?

  • Deliver quality leads

  • Follow through

  • Demand feedback

  • Iterate

Track marketing leads by source
Leads by Source
Why is organic doing so well?
Leads by jon function
Leads by job function
Is this the right audience?
Leads by country
Should I concentrate my marketing budget?
More spend on less countries?

Secure, role-driven access

A singe version of the truth across your organisation